Thursday, April 26, 2012

What To Do About Dark Circles Under They Eyes

Eyelid circles can be difficult to treat as people develop the appearance of darking around the eyes for multiple reasons. For some the skin is actually darker because of genetics, sun, or contant rubbing because of allergies. For others, thinner lighter skin shows dark blood vessels. Also, as we age, our eyelid sockets get wider and our eyes may appear sunken and have shadows. Treating this problem usually a couple of different approaches. For someone with dark circles from actual darkening of the skin here are some recommendations: wear sunscreen daily and use sunglasses. Eye creams that exfoliate, such as those that contain a retinoid or a gylcolic acid may be helpful.  Some chemcial peels are also designed to lighten the skin and can speifically be used around the eyes.

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