Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now That The Skin's Covered, What About Your Hair?

Sanova dermatologists preach about sunscreen and the proper ways to ensure your skin stays protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays while enjoying some fun in the sun. But there is one thing most people often overlook or ignore when it comes down to sun protection – their hair! The scalp is just as susceptible to sun damage as any other skin on the body. As well, if you spend a good amount of money at a salon to professionally color or highlight your hair, why not protect it while its exposed for hours on end?

Hats do a great job protecting our hair and scalp, especially those with a wide brim. But for those of us who are not hat people, there are a few hair care products that can help protect the scalp. Check out some of the sunscreens made specifically for hair by Aveda, Kérastase, Phyto Plage, Pureology and more.

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